Why Yoga Retreat is the Best Holiday options for you?

Why Yoga Retreat is the Best Holiday options for you:

When going on a holiday you just want to enjoy and relax right?

What happens if you are alone and would like to be in a safe environment while travelling?

This is generally a wonder, especially between girls and woman.

That is why YOGA AND HOLIDAYS are a great combination.


I started yoga in 2011 here in Rome and beside being a great activity for the body is also great for the mind. I started to make a lot of friendships and the atmosphere is very relaxed and you can feel at home with the other people practising.

That’s why when my Yoga teachers Francesca and Roberto started to organize vacations for practising yoga and relax, I was enthusiastic to travel with them.

My Yoga community


Even when you don’t know the majority of the people you still can find a healthy and safe place with your yoga group and more over discover places or cities you would have never gone alone.

Most of the time we don’t feel confident on going alone on vacation with stranger.

There are some tour operator that organise groups travelling with other people that you don’t know, and if you are a bit like “indiana jones” you can adventure yourself alone in another country. No problem with that! But…

..I discover that Yoga retreats are getting really appreciated because it is a better way to travel alone, finding nice people, especially other solo travellers or people with a much more sense of spirituality which you can tie a deep friendship.

More over you can practise an activity open air so it calms your body, you may find your inner you and you come back home really regenerated, with a sense of joy inside that last longer than a simple family/friends vacation!


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