I am more impressed in....Australia on...... I have lost my vallet on a bench in the Pyrmont bridge and after 30 minutes that I realised that....the Police called me saying that a man had found my vallet. They came with the bike to gave it back to me in  person....and everything was exactly as I... Continue Reading →

Fall’s creek

In Fall's creek  ( 1690m) they are so happy  that at the moment is snowing!  😀 I have never been there, but after the Alps in Italy ( Dolomiti) I am not easily impressed....:-D Compare  Dolomites   3000 metres  and more       with... 29Th June 2014

Maritime Museum-Sydney

E' Inverno. Mi ritrovo davanti ad una nave da guerra del 1900....a mangiare un BLT ( bacon, lettuce.tomato,) sotto un pioggerellina sottile che non fa paura a nessuno!  dove sono? Tutto ciò a Sydney!

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