Why does everyone want to go to the Maldives?


Viaggiare è  senza dubbio una delle cose più belle al mondo!

Viaggiare è scoprire, sperimentare, assaggiare, sentire. E’ lasciarsi trasportare dal desiderio di scoprire cose nuove. Viaggiare è una sfida personale, è arricchirsi  e riscoprirsi. Viaggiare è aprire la mente, gli occhi e il cuore verso altre culture.

Viaggiare è un dialogo  tra viaggiatori e nativi, in cui i costumi si condividono e si trasmettono. Viaggiare è ISPIRAZIONE, meraviglia, unione e relax…

I had abandoned the idea to go to the  Maldives…but finally here I am! and I was really surprised to see the best coral reef and pristine water!

I have been to Australia, Bali, Fiji, Vanuatu, Los Roques…. but really  the Maldives are different!

The Archipelago is comprised of 1192 coral islands,which are grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls. Atolls are ring-shaped reefs that came to be as volcanoes subsided and sea levels rose.

The word ‘atoll’ originates in Dhivehi, the country’s national language.

The Maldives are home to the world’s largest known population of reef manta rays. Many islands are used as nesting grounds for sea turtles. Many are deserted.

I have been to the Lhaviyani Atoll (north of Malè) and I stayed  at the Palm beach resort! The ocean is something amazing , really clear and transparent! You can see the barrier reef and all the marine life even  without snorkelling in the water! Of course underwater you can see all the marine life beauty! sting rays, stone bass(cernie) barracudas, puffer fish ( pesce palla) turtles, “surgeon fish” pesce chirurgo, unicorn fish, and many others.

There is always low tide, morning time,and you can relax laying in the water. I did the snorkel every day as most of the beauty of the place is  underwater.

Leave me here! I found deep relaxation and connection to the water . The island is one of the longest, 3 miles or 1,5km approx.  On both extremities  there are the resort services, on the west side the beach bar restaurants  where also seaplanes are landing and on the other end the main restaurant, pool bar, reception, coconut spa, boutique, plus tennis court, squash,badmington,soccer ground, diving center, canoe. Between are the rooms!



There are no cars in Maldives, the main transportations are seaplanes or boats. We arrived with a 40 minutes trip by seaplane from Malè the economy capital 6 square km large with 150.000 inhabitants!

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