Usa – a big land


…Here I left for another trip!!

This time an adventurous trip! ahahh like as the others weren’t adventurous! 😛

But this time I booked -Viaggi avventure nel mondo- a big tour operator which does travels collecting people from Italy especially who don’t know each other!

17days- 4500km  driving around 5 states- Colorado -Utah-Arizona-Nevada-California going back home departing from San Francisco! 16 people! Wow!!


We have seen a lot of National Park like Archer National Park-


Canyonlands-Monument Valley-Canyon de Chelly- Grand Canyon- A special mention to Antelope Canyon, read below and you will laugh!! Bryce Canyon-Zion national Park -Death Valley-Yosemite and finally the beautiful Monterrey and San Francisco! thumb_img_4689_1024

So on the 14th of August  we went to have a swim at the beautiful Lake powell! Then as we had booked the visit to the Antelope Canyon, a gorgeous  canyon that has magnificient colours inside…. we took the car to drive to the Canyon… first of all we got stucked in the sand for one hr with the car….. then finally we reached the place! we thought we were late….but we visited the place….Then inside in the middle of the visit….Panic…the guide got crazy about us, because we couldn’t stay all together ( but you know …in this narrow canyon it was impossible to stay all together as there were a lot of people along the way and the guide wasn’t waiting for us…) and she screamed at us and run away to the exit!


So all the group tried to follow her but was impossible, so a lot of them got stucked inside the canyon and when we got out we had to wait for the other guys and the guide called his boss via mobile and this indian guy came to us screaming: now you will be all arrested!!!!! So we had to discuss a lot with him and the Big Boss – a Lady that came after and wanted explanation from us, while the indian guy was screaming Get out of our property!…so after all this we had to leave very quickly with the car…and the funny think is that we left one guy inside the property!! so we had to go back to get him faster as we could!…

Now thinking about this adventure we laugh a lot…It has been really such a great adventure driving along big roads, seen big landscapes, Forrest Gump place from which we have made a little movie…ahahah 😀  see below: Forrest Gump Video

A lot of trekking, hrs of driving, no relax ahhaha, slot machine in Las Vegas, late dinners, late check in, lack of sleep, but really a great group!!! Thank you guys see you soon!

I even got a wedding proposal!! 😀










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