Unexpected Trip around Germany, Austria,Slovenia

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Trip around Germany and Austria: How you can see three countries like Germany, Austria and Slovenia in 6 days? 

If you live in Europe it is quite easy to explore all the countries around.

I have been many times in France, England, Spain, Greece, etc…

This time is the time of Germany and Austria ( however is not my first time…there :-D)

I really love all these countries so easy reachable! This Time I adventured myself  with the car driving from Italy with a friend!

We were really uncertain about were to go, we wanted to go to Hungary but  the rental car insurance didn’t allow us to go…so.. the final plan has been Ljubljana, ( Slovenia) Salzburg ( Austria) and then Munich ( Germany)

At the end of September there are still a lot of tourists around but the prices are lower, so we booked everything on the way and we found B&B/hotel in Ljubljana and Salzburg really affordable, ( 30€ per night/person) and in Munich Airbnb with a really nice family! I can share with you the name of the places if you need to go  🙂

SO  we started with the train from Rome to Padova and we slept there the first night. ( We just spent 6 nights out, so not a big travel and we drove for 1500km… :-P)

The next day on Thursday we rented the car at Avis and started driving till Ljubljana, ( 3hrs more or less). In the early afternoon we were in the centre of the city and we started going around. I showed my friend the really lovely center that is quite little and 2 days are really enough to see the city.

Here is the city center where you can walk along the 2 sides of the river with nice restaurants and shops…


Friday   Salzburg  ( 3hrs) As I like  a lot to drive it was not a problem doing all these kms because it was part of the game!

When we arrived in Salzburg we had a very nice surprise! there was a city festival similar to the Octoberfest in Munich.  A lot of markets in the principal square (Domplatz) where the Cathedral is. So actually we got lost into the crowd, trying to catch the local spirit!


Then we walked into the narrow city center  around the Mozart’s birthplace house and had some beer and typical spelt soup outside in the cold because my friend wanted to breathe some cold air!  😀


Saturday Salzburg- Munich  ( 2hrs) 

We departed in the morning so we could have all the afternoon to spend in Munich as there was also the Oktoberfest, so we decided to stay more days there. When one was driving the other one was taking advantage of the travel time to read what to do in Munich! Also having a friend originally from there I asked her what to do,and she suggested me to do the bike tour! So at 3.30 pm ( after we met our Airbnb Landlord)  we were in Marienplatz  doing the Mike’s bike tour. It was such a great time as we had never been in Munich before.


Sunday  Munich

After a nice breakfast with Zara the mother of the daugher who was renting the place, we took the underground and reached the tower of  the Peter Alter in Marienplatz , which we climbed, and at the top you can see all the view of the city. I really suggest to do that. Spectacular view of the city.

Then as we were having all the day exploring the city we went to see other churches, then we met my german friend and ate at Eataly (yufuuuu). After Lunch my german friend was just picking up the bike when an Italian guy just started to speak to her. So we decided to go all together to rent the bikes and riding in the nice  English Garden. Fabulous afternoon in the park where we had a beer like the locals do! especially the germans! 🙂 And so with nothing planned we got a new friend and great afternoon!

english gardener monaco
english garden

 For Dinner we decided to go finally to the Oktoberfest! and  the minimum glass of beer they were serving was  1 Liter! After that, the night went on dancing..

oktober fest
oktober fest

Monday   Munich -Ortisei  (3hrs)  On monday we had another nice breakfast and a long talk with Zara and his funny friend from turkey,  we had our farewell around noon and we decided to have a cultural spot at Dackau concentration camp. A sad piece of history!

 At 4.30pm we had to retake our drive schedule and drove to the Italian  Alps for the way back and we slept in my mountain house in the marvelous town of Ortisei.  If you have been there you know that is a magical town where you can relax,skii, and eat some amazing Italian dishes!


Tuesday   Ortisei  – Padova (3.30hrs)  then train to Rome

The last day we had to wake up very early because we had to drop off the car at 11am in Padova. Luckily we managed to do that, and happily we returned home by train. Such a great week, with the heart and eyes full of emotions and things we have seen, we reached Rome around dinner time.

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