Trevi red Fountain-What happened today to the most famous fountain?

fontana Trevi

Trevi Fountain a tremendous famous place:

Trevi Fountain: probably one of the most iconic symbols of Rome! Designed by Nicola Salvi and completed in 1762 by Giuseppe Pannini was made famous by many movies like “La Dolce Vita”( Fellini) and Totò Truffa (Camillo Mastrocinque).  Many coins were thrown into the fountain for the desire to return to Rome… After a gorgeous renovation two years ago we had the pleasure to see the Fountain coming to new life. Rome is Beautiful, Rome is Eternal, Rome is Passion, Rome is a place you can’t forget!

Italian article :

Modern art:

Today futurist artist Graziano Cecchini was back again, exactly where it all began, 10 years ago in 2007 in Rome, and painted once again, the superb Trevi Fountain’s water with a red colour, red like passion, red like action, red like the dismay of those around the fountain.

His act is a provocative act that wants to be art, always denouncing that there should be a change.

Quotation from Facebook page  Rosso Trevi:  

“Oggi Roma ha bisogno di reagire, di svegliarsi da questo falso torpore e gridare “NON CI STO PIU’!”.
Roma è sempre stata lo specchio del Paese e oggi Roma è spenta, addormentata in mezzo alla sua sporcizia e la sua corruzione… ci si abitua a tutto ed è quello che vogliono: farci assuefare poco a poco al peggio, per non farci più ascoltare il rumore delle proteste di chi non ha voce!”


Graziano Checchini is not new to these artistic boutades as when he was living in Rome in 2008 he decided to throw 500 colourful balls just down the Spanish Steps.

However all these actions were always taken in full security of the city. After all that was said, after having finally abandoned the idea of Vandalism, all are united in understanding that the message is about Art, Communication and Social Action.

Rome is also this, provocation, years of history, action, Capital of Italy, Art and Reinassance. In the center of Rome many things happen, protests, exhibitions which remind us how great people can be and how art can change and become something modern.

Rome is always beautiful every time you come back, but in the watchful eyes of an observer, exhibitions and protests follow each other day by day, leaving the old statue of Pasquino the right to criticize cultural and political life in our society.

The change:

Graziano Cecchini may now interpret the thought of the old talking statue and of many Romans: Rome has to change.

fontana trevi
fontana trevi
pasquino a Roma

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