Why Travelling Solo? -The World is at your disposal

Travelling solo? Come with me. I can say I am a really DOC Traveller! When it comes to travel, even if I am alone, that don’t pull me  back!

Travelling as you probably know, is something that opens your mind, really helps you to grow up, and you really learn how to behave in the world. It discloses you to other cultures, way of being and you expand your horizons understanding who you are.  It could seems a mistical thing , but I think that people who travel can understand me! And YOU what do you Think? 

When I was in Australia I found myself wondering seated on a rock,watching the ocean and you can feel the majesty of the nature.

travelling alone

When travelling alone you have more time to savour a determine moment during the day, nobody is rushing you out, and you can change idea in one second!

If you meet someone you are more available to chat and a have beer together.

chatting with people

The nature is all in front oF YOU! And I personally love all the animals that I found around the world. I am making a collection of foreign animals just to remember how nature can be surprising! Even when I was living with an horrible poisonous spider ( guess where?  obviously where all the venomous animal are!! in Australia) I made a photo to remember that in this case the question was.. me or him alive!! 🙂

solo travelling

solo travelling and meeting the nature

This said what is going to be your next trip? are you going to travel alone?

Let exchange ideas! I am going to be at the TBEX in Ireland next week and would love to meet other traveller!


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