Roman autumn and (even) the beach


 Italian autumn is one of my favourite periods , when you can enjoy lots of different things.

 In Rome  October is a very mild month, because temperatures are really above  what you could expect,  this year with a peak of 29°C just yesterday the 15th of October.

the roman fall
the roman fall

After summer holidays everyone returns to everyday life and at weekends we enjoy the sun, the good weather,  and usually we go to  local food  festivals where you can have chestnuts, or typical food from the Roman hills like  “Ciambella al mosto di Marino” (sweets with grape must) or sausages in Camerata Nuova nearby Rome.

You really can find a lot of  food festivals, here is a list: 

Generally all the local food festivals ( called “sagre”) are nearby Rome or in the region, so you can fully enjoy the atmosphere and  little towns.  ( You will need a car for this)

Moreover autumn is a really good period to come to Italy,  not having to queue to visit  museum and historic palaces. This autumn there are also some good art exhibitions like Enjoy at Chiostro del Bramante and Monet at the Vittoriano in Rome.

As you can see October is one of the best month to come to Rome, because every year it happens something different:

Event in Rome

What happened the same period in Rome 2years ago

You can even enjoy the beaches around Rome at Fregene and Ostia where a lot of us go to have a tasty lunch or an aperitif. Yesterday, the 15th of October the seasides nearby Rome were crowded with people sunbathing in this strange time of the year! This is Italy! This is what we call  “Ottobrate romane”.

Suggestions to eat nearby the beaches are:  ( You will need a car for this)

Red Beach   – Maccarese

Rambla  Maccarese

Blu   Fregene

All these restaurants are on the beach, so then you can go for a walk along the shoreline.

autumn in Rome
autumn in Rome
seaside nearby Rome
seaside nearby Rome

If you are coming to Rome in this period you will see that there are a lot of new restaurants. Have a look at this guide that Romans use a lot for  food in Rome and pick your best choice.

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