I am more impressed in….Australia on……

I have lost my vallet on a bench in the Pyrmont bridge and after 30 minutes that I realised that….the Police called me saying that a man had found my vallet. They came with the bike to gave it back to me in  person….and everything was exactly as I left it with 200$ inside as well…(you  want to know how did they find me? ) ….inside the vallet  there was a thai massage card! they went to the massage shop asking if they remembered me and as I am “unforgettable”  of course 🙂 Penny ( the Thai girl) gave them my  mobile number! Yesssssssss!!

In the bus  my ticket were stucked into the machine, so I went to the driver telling him that I wanted my travel ten ticket back. the driver was very kind, and at the beginning he told me that he couldn’t do much, tried to bang the machine but nothing, so he told me to write my address on the envelope, so once he would have arrived to the deposit, maybe the staff there could have taken it out….after a week I received a letter from the NSW transport! Inside there wasn’t my old ticket but much better a NEW travel ten ticket!!!

Zebra crossing …they stop meters before and you still haven’t started to cross the road …ahahah I know it could seems stupid but not if you live in ITALY!

The persons in general are very kind and smile. Its a so mutlicultural society but they live quite in peace within each other…….

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