Matera; una delle perle del Sud Italia, Basilicata.

Matera; one of the pearls of Southern Italy, Basilicata.

matera giorno

Matera has been awarded Capital of Culture 2019! It is a very old and  particular city, built on and inside what they call stones, “Sassi”  but in reality the stone is tuff.

The old city itself  lays onto 2 Big stones – Sasso Caveoso e Sasso Baresano.

Since 1993 it is  a Unesco World Heritage. Its an incredible location, while you walk around the little alleys and ancient houses, some still abandoned, you can feel a  magical atmosphere!

Do you know that in the 50’s  the city was evacuated for being in terrible hygienic conditions ?

Returning to our times….

For New Years Eve  was installed a beautiful stage  in Piazza Vittorio Veneto and we celebrated all together 2016!!!


In this period of the year you can also see a representation of a live nativity scene: ( costumes all coming from Cinecittà in Rome) 🙂


There are a lot of things to do: you can go trekking ( better in spring) along the Natural Archaeological Park of the Rocky Churches of Matera (Parco Archeologico storico naturale delle chieste Rupestri ,Parco della Murgia) and visit all the “Grotte”  natural caves  and  rocky churches ( dated from 9th century) and… you can admire the inspiring Belvedere!belvedere3

Last but not least you can eat in all the little places inside the tuff like:

Le 12 lune. ( the 12th moon)


Have fun and enjoy the Materan’s Traditions:


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