Lake Maggiore

lake maggiore

It’s Friday,yeahhhh!! I am ready to reach my cousin in Milan and then drive to Lake Maggiore!

It is a weekend like another but I am ready to party!!so….

When in Milan first thing that Italians do is eating good food in a posh place!👍 And so why distinguish? Here we are at the radio roof top bar with all the view around! and a Martini Tartini!…

aperitivo milano
aperitivo milano


After Good food- Good sleep, next morning avoiding the worst rain forecast, we started our  little adventure on the road!

Following the road firstly we reached Lago d’orta ! A  beautiful landscape has opened our eyes!

lago d'orta
lago d’orta


And then we went to visit the little island St Giulio! After walking for the little old alleys we were inspired by the silence and the sign saying:

lago d'orta
Silence is the peace of oneself


Then we went resting into a restaurant! 🍾🍻👏🎉 and suddenly it starts pouring! So we took our time to eat and when ready we drove to Stresa with the sun again!how lucky! -another really nice town  on the Lake Maggiore!

Stresa it is really nice and I suggest you to have a look at this amazing place known especially for  honeymoons, weddings and other celebrations! Is a place where it seems the time has stopped at the time where la Bella vita was taking places with celebrations, splendours, all elegantly dressed.

It has been really a nice weekend, thanks to my cousins which is similar to me and I have really enjoyed these 2 days that transported me in another epoque!!

I am leaving you a few photos so you can dream with me! there are 3 island around the lake which is a must to visit -like isola bella here below in my photos with gorgeous gardens and splendid white peacocks!!!!

image image image image image image image image image image image image




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