Everything can Happen …

Everything can happen when beauty is around the corner.

Walking down through ponte sant’angelo… you find yourself absorbed by this view!


Spring is around the corner here in Rome, and every morning walking through Campo’de Fiori in the city center you can find any type of vegetables , fruits and Pasta!!!

Many green spaces everywhere,where you can relax  with Mr Cavour  taking an eye over you!


And when you need a rest from too much art and culture….Magnificence is  around the corner! Does this Piazza need to be introduced?


Just walking around you can satisfied your  five senses, with the typical italian Narrow colorfull streets, typical restaurants, trees,plants climbing the old building  where a 5*L hotel is! ( in summer is all covered by green plants, which go to sleep and then come alive again)! I have just been there and sending you a taste of what Rome can be, waiting for you!



I have just been eating at Osteria Da Giovanna nearby Piazza navona, so sending you all The best from the Eternal City!


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