Brisbane is a strange, cute, small city. Small if you compare with the other States. In Australia is the 3rd biggest city. 🙂

brisbane muro

There is art beneath the underground as well. The valley is an artistic, punk suburb of Brisbane.

brisbane arte

As well Brisbane has a CBD with skyscrapers, shopping centres,but no beaches all around.

You should go to the North : Sunshine coast , Bribrie Island, North Stradbroke island, or  to the South: Surfer Paradise, the Gold Coast to find beaches all around  1 or 2 hrs far by car at least ….

Sunshine coast has  very very beautiful beaches : if you are looking for more natural wild beaches and pristine water I suggest you to go to the Sunshine coast.

 If you are looking for lifestyle, shops,tourism,restaurants,Surfer Paradise is a mix of all of this.

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